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Our stories...

The band named KARC (translated to English, the name would be Skratch) started Hungary in 1999. The two charter members are Csaba Herczeg and Károly Komódi (Kaiko). It is still their conception that keeps the band going.

The first concerts were held in 2000 as a synth–pop duo.

According to the inital idea, new members were drawn in soon and from 2001 there were four of us, still for a long time we used computer drums. This crew showed up in most of the hungarian festivals.

KARC worked out a demo called Virágünnep (Celebration of the flowers) with 8 tracks in 2001. In the next years a real drummer joined them, so the synth-pop group turned out to be a rock band. The present collective was built up with many changes of the members during the past years. Various demos were recorded paralelly.?

In 2005 the band ran their own music club in Debrecen, where other underground bands were invited. By 2006 KARC made its way from lyric pop to industrial rock. Road to hell...? or to heaven...?

In 2006 Hungarian music channel, VIVA TV broadcasted the first music video titled „Dark”.

From 2006 Reverb Productions started to work with the band as manager. The result of two years collaboration is a mini Lp titled „Egyedül” (Alone) the producer of which was Péter Háry, most successful producer of Hungary. One interesting thig about the disc is that the song „Egyedül” includes japanesse lyrics.

From autumn of 2008 a longer period of silence followed. Kaiko moved to London, where he gained new inspiration. Thanks to the effects of trance and brit pop, KARC made the engine re-start and increased the pace.

In 2010 debuted the album   Egyél + mindent (Eatitall) with 13 tracks, one of which is in English (F...kin’ dark hero), the other ones are in Hungarian. The album was recorded in the very own studio of the band. The songs included are completely free of bonds of producers expectations as Kaiko, singer and songwriter of the band producered the stuff.

Károly Komódi - singer and songwriter, guitar, Csaba Herczeg- guitar, Gábor Pusztai- bass, Éva Karakas - drum, Géza Zsolt Sárvári - electric Dj ectronic effekts

This is not the dark side of th e force and maybe it is not the very light side. Feel whatever you feel like.






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